Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Jersey "Genealogical Gold" Available in Flemington

This news article was brought to my attention during one of our recent classes. If you have early Plymouth and New Amsterdam ancestors, you may be interested. There is a fee for this, so you may want to follow the contact information for more information before you take the plunge. Here is the blurb from the Hunterdon County Democrat:

"A treasure trove of genealogical data labeled "ye Colonial Kinsmen From Plymouth Rocke to York Towne" has been discovered and is offered to the public by both the Hunterdon County Historical Society in Flemington and the Warren County Historical Society in Belvidere.
"The genealogical study is presented on eight 2-foot by 3-feet charts documenting about 200 immigrants of the Plymouth, Massachusetts and New Amsterdam (present day New York City) and tracing their families through six generations. In total, over 3,000 individuals, all related by blood or marriage, are included, providing many genealogical connections for current New Jersey residents.
"The set of eight charts are suitable for framing and available for a $30 donation.
"For more information, e-mail or call 908-782-1091."

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