Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did You Miss "Who Do You Think You Are?"

If you missed episodes of the television show "who do you think you are?", you can watch it on your computer. Just go to the website listed at the bottom of this post and click on one of the stars pictures that appear in the middle of your screen. If the episode has not aired yet, you can watch the entire episode on your computer.

After you click on the personality's picture, another screen will appear about that individual. Somewhere in the middle of the screen there will be a link that allows you to "view the full episode."

At this point the video should start automatically. The only other choice you may have to make is one about screen resolution. If you're confronted with that choice, I recommend you take the lowest resolution since it doesn't require any downloads and is sufficient for small screen viewing on your computer. This sounds like a bit of "clicking around," but the end result is worth it if you have missed episodes of the show.

Here is the website to go to view the videos:

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