Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Introduction to Mocavo Plus

You may have read about the Mocavo genealogy search engine…it is coming on strong. There is a free component to the site, but there is also a fee component called Mocavo Plus.

If you would like a brief introduction to the features of the pay version, follow the link below. The cost is $59.95 a year or $5 per month.

Plus | Mocavo

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legacy Mobile App for iOS

Those of you who are branching out to mobile devices, and in this case, Apple mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad, may be interested in this.

Legacy has developed an iOS app that connects to Family Search Family Tree. If you have an account at FamilySearch.org and have your tree on that site, the app will make that connection and display the tree on your device. The connection will allow editing as well as viewing.

I downloaded the app to my iPad, signed into Family Search, and connected to my tree there all in the space of 2 minutes.

Randy Seaver, in his Genea-Musings blog, gives a clear explanation of his experience with the app accompanied by images. Check it out at: 

Genea-Musings: First Look at Legacy Mobile App for iOS - FamilySearch Family Tree

Friday, April 26, 2013

Solving the “Old Tombstone” Problem

The Genealogy In Time Magazine” recently had a article giving a simple tip on how to better read old tombstones where age, weathering, erosion, etc. have taken their toll.

Check out the article at:

A Simple Way to Read Old Tombstones

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mocavo Learning Center

The Mocavo Learning Center is worth checking out. Whether you are new to genealogy or an experienced hand, you may find some gems in the helpful articles being collected at this site.

Examples of articles posted are “Resources for California Research.” “Finding Wills,” and more.

Check it out at:

Mocavo Learning Center | Learn with Mocavo

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coats of Arms… Do You Really Have One?

Michael J. Leclerc writing in the Mocavo Genealogy Blog, provides a needed insight to what he refers to as the myth concerning coats of arms.

This is probably needed reading for most of us since we probably all run into the lure of a familiar surname associated with a coat of arms. The rub is to believe that it is also ours simply because we are in that family line.

Sort it all out in your mind by reading Michael’s article at:

Genealogy Myths: Coats of Arms » Mocavo Blog - News, Announcements & More from the World's Largest Free Genealogy Search Engine

Friday, April 19, 2013

Important FamilySearch Links

FamilySearch has just recently revamped its home page. Although you can find things on it (like the Blog, Wiki, and global search among others), it can take some getting used to.

Randy Seaver has given us a list of the more important direct links to FamilySearch web pages to refer to until you find your way around the new FamilySearch home page.

You can find them on his blog by using the following link:

Genea-Musings: FamilySearch Research Wiki, Videos, Getting Started Just Two Clicks Away Now

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don’t Overlook the Research Wiki

James Tanner, writing in his blog Genealogy’s Star, gives us an interesting assessment of the FamilySearch.org Research Wiki. He also gives us a challenge…to use it.

The article provides a good idea of what the Wiki contains (over 71,000 articles on genealogy research and more), and also why it may be one of the most overlooked major resources on the Internet.

The article is well worth the read, and the Wiki is well worth the time it may take to get familiar with what it offers.

If you are new to the resource, go to the FamilySearch.org website, click on “Learn” in the top array of tabs, and then scroll down about 1/2 page to a link for the Research Wiki.

Check out James’ article at:

Genealogy's Star: The State of the Research Wiki

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Future of Your Genealogy Stuff Could Be Bleak

James Tanner writing in his blog, Genealogy’s Star, gives us an insight as to what can happen to our genealogy material when we die. Be warned…this view can be unsettling.

In his discussion, we also learn a bit about probate (in case you have not reached that point in your own research).

James’ solution to the dilemma is a good one, and it is certainly logical given the discussion that precedes it. I would add that you might also consider specifically designating a genealogy society as its recipient. Of course, this will only be effective with much coordination and discussion with the society first. Be sure the society is willing to take it, and that they are equipped to productively deal with it.

This is a good article that should provoke serious thought. Check it out at: 

Genealogy's Star: What will (really) happen to your genealogy files when you die?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Selected ProQuest Databases free for National Library Week 2013

ProQuest is making some of its databases available for free in celebration of National Library Week…that means from now through April 20.

Of particular interest is the Historic Map Works Library Edition.
You can find it and the other databases by following the following link:

ProQuest - National Library Week 2013

Family Tree on FamilySearch.org Now Available

This long-awaited element of FamilySearch.org is now available at the website. You have to sign in to use it, but once you do, it will be show in a tab at the top of the site home page.

There are too many aspects of the site to review here, but the site provides a downloadable users guide.

Dick Eastman in his Online Genealogy Newsletter gives a brief review and a link to the site. Read Dick’s article at:

Family Tree is Live on FamilySearch.org for All Users! - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Friday, April 12, 2013

Free online OCR

Here is an online service that is pretty neat. It requires NO email or download.

If you have a printed document (no handwritten documents) in an image format (such as jpg), you can have them translated into typed text. Simply browse for the image on your computer to enter the file location path, and submit the image to the service. In a minute or so the typed version will be returned.

There are some file limitations such as nothing over 2GB. You can read those at the top of the page. There are some advertising download buttons on the webpage that have nothing to do with the service, so be careful with those…as always.

Check it out at:

Free online OCR

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Here is an interesting site that may fill one of your search needs. Tineye.com provides a reverse image search. If you have an image and want to know if it exists elsewhere on the Internet, load it to Tineye and it will automatically search the Web for it.

Try it out at:

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lee County Genealogical Society Program for April

The monthly meeting of the Lee County Genealogical Society will take place at 1 pm on 18 April 2013 at the Fellowship Hall of the Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church at 4141 Deleon Street, Fort Myers.

Connie Lizak and Jacques Limondin will give a presentation on family letters from World War I that bound two families: one from New York City and another from the French village of Baissey. Join Connie and Jacques as they tell the story of the Kellys and Durands.

Don’t Forget Those Initials

Michael John Neill in his Genealogy Tip of the Day blog makes some possibly over-look opportunities and issues concerning our ancestors’ use of initials in place of their names.

Read his article at:

Genealogy Tip of the Day: Initials Matter

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Research Trip Tips

The Mocavo Genealogy Blog recently offered an article by Michael J. Leclerc giving us some tips on making a research trip more successful. In addition to the tips from Michael, several readers contributed comments that contributed to the assistance. Be sure to scroll down the page to see them.

Check it out at:

5 Tips for a Genealogy Research Trip » Mocavo Blog - News, Announcements & More from the World's Largest Free Genealogy Search Engine

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Understanding Those Pesky Cousins

The Genealogy In time Magazine recently published an article explaining various cousin relationships that is worth checking out.

Take a minute to really dissect the chart that they offer. Once you see the pattern, you will see how simple it really is. Also, pay attention to some of the less common cousin terms they explain in the text of the article.

Check it out at:

The Key to Understanding Family Relationships

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Go Beyond the Abstract

Most of us know by this time the value of finding original records. But sometimes is it tempting to stop our search when we find a credible looking abstract…after all it, was taken from the original, wasn’t it?

Paula Stuart-Warren writing is Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica gives us her personal experience in going beyond the abstract. She found that the value in doing so wasn’t necessarily because the abstract was incorrect, it was because it was so incomplete.

Her experience is a lesson to us all. Check out the article at:

Paula's Genealogical Eclectica: Is that genealogy record abstract correct?