Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The PGS Journal Needs Your Help

Our journal, Pinellas Genealogist, is a first-class product that is sent all over the country to PGS members, other genealogy societies, and the Allen County Library which enters it in PERSI. It has become as significant publication contributing to not only our members, but to the field of genealogy as a whole.

That quality comes at a price, however. To successfully produce the journal four times a year, a dedicated group of assistant editors is needed. The time required is not necessarily all that much (perhaps five or so hours every three months) but dependability and the willingness to pitch in are a must.

David Dellinger, the editor of the journal, is looking for a core group of folks to help him put the journal together. There are several "departments" that need dedicated support so that David can concentrate on bringing the whole thing together. Examples of those departments are distribution, the cover, book reviews, and the "Where to Look" section.

Of particular help would be someone willing to take on the distribution job. This includes putting the labels on the completed journals and getting them to the post office. It takes only a few hours every three months to do this job, no particular expertise is needed to get it done, but taking it off David's plate would be a tremendous help.

Don't let the titles of the areas I mentioned above intimidate you. Send David (thepeasantking@gmail.com) an email to let him know you would like more information on those areas and perhaps other ways you could help him out. Simply making the query does not obligate you. Let us give you information to help you decide if you want to support the journal or not.

I cannot express how important this call for assistance is. Our journal needs our support, and I am confident that we, as a group, have it to give.

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