Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Library Databases Now Include "Newsbank"

The Largo Library now has "Newsbank" among its offered databases. It is a focused version that concentrates on back issues of the St. Petersburg Times and about 10 news magazines.

It is easy to get to, just click on the "E-Sources" tab on any library terminal, then hit "databases." From there you can find the database in an alphabetical listing or you can find it under the "News and Current Events" category.

The good news does not stop there, however. You can also access Newsbank from your home computer through the library site (http://www.largopubliclibrary.org/). Just click on the "databases" tab on the home page, ask for the alphabetical list, and then click on Newsbank.

Family Tree Maker User's Group To Meet On 4 September

The FTMUG, which has been taking a break during the summer, is picking up again at 10 am on 4 September at the Largo Public Library. The meeting this month will be held in the Jenkins Room C (this is a one-time change from its usual location of Room B).

If you use the program or would like to see what it is all about, join in. The session will be led by Bob Bryan and Larry Hosmer. The agenda is set by the interest and questions of the attendees.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Classes Offered By The PGS

The late summer is what I think of as the beginning of our education year for the Pinellas genealogy Society. It is from that point and into the winter that we roll out new classes that we have been working on. This year is no different, and I'm excited about the new offerings we have.

We will be adding at least five new classes to our lineup. They are:
>Naturalization Records
>Getting the Most Out of the National Archives Website
>Researching with the US Census before 1850
>Six Key Records in Family Research
>Non-Population Schedules of the US Census

Keep your eye on our class schedule to see when these new classes are going to be offered. You can pick up a copy of the class schedule at the Largo public library in genealogy center, or a look at the calendar page on the Pinellas Genealogy Society website at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PGS Classes the the Aging Well Center

At a Pinellas Genealogy Society meeting a few months ago I introduced a new project we were undertaking. The Aging Well Center in Clearwater at the new Long Center had asked us to present several classes as part of its education program. We agreed to do this, and were putting the pieces into place when I made that announcement. Over the summer the classes kicked off.

So far we have conducted two classes with two more scheduled. In all probability we will be conducting more classes into the fall and winter. This is a great opportunity for both the Center and the PGS. There is also an opportunity here for our PGS members. Anyone can go to the classes at the aging well center. The classes are free, but you should call to register. The registration is requested so that the center can ensure it provides enough seating for attendees, but if your decision to attend is a last-minute one, you can register at the door.

If there is a class that you may have missed at the Largo public library, it may well be on the schedule for presentation at the Aging Well Center. If you live in the north part of the county, the Center may be more conveniently located for you then is the Largo public library. At any rate, the classes at the Center provide an additional venue for PGS classes and a wonderful opportunity for the PGS to become known to the public.

The class on 28 August at 10 am is about strategies to us to track your ancestors through the census.

The Aging Well Center is located at the Long Center in Clearwater at 1501 N. Belcher Road. To get information on classes offered, call (727)724-3070 or visit www.myclearwater.com/agingwell.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Roots Magic User's Group To Meet On 28 August

The RMUG will meeting on Saturday, 28 August at the Largo Public Library in the Local History Room. The group took a couple months off during the summer, and this is the first meeting of the new season.

If you use the Roots Magic genealogy program or want to see what it is all about before you make a purchase decision, drop by and join in.

The session is largely unstructured, and follows the interests and questions of the attendees.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Genealogy Center Reorganization Underway

Those of you been at the Largo public library lately have seen that the reorganization of the genealogy center that I talked about a couple months ago is well underway.

>Old cabinets have been moved and remaining cabinets have been consolidated. This has created room for new shelving thus allowing us to spread the collection out to provide needed room for books. We had several linear feet of new books that we could just not put on the shelves because of lack of room. We now have that room.

>The computers had been reconfigured so that the screens are more easily seen by the volunteer on duty. This make it easier for that person to see if somebody is in need of assistance.

>The walled office area has been removed (also making room for those new shelves), and the volunteer desk area is being made into a complete square with room to assist patrons as well as to do administrative work in supportive of the collection.

>Some of the new shelves that had been put up are specifically designed to hold magazines. This allows us to display journals in an appropriate manner... something we haven't been able to do for almost a year.

Those are just some of the major changes that you will notice when you next come to the genealogy center. There is still work being done, so expect a bit of mess in some areas, but that should go away in the (near) future.

Periodically, we are conducting tours of the center, so if you have not been to the center lately and would like to quickly become reoriented, join a tour. The tours will be listed in the class schedule. If there is no tour and you happen to be at the center and would like one, just ask the person at the desk. If I'm around, flag me down and I'll be happy to show the place off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Family History Writer's Workshop To Meet On 24 August

The Family History Writers Workshop has a meeting scheduled every fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 PM. The meetings are conducted in the Local History Room of the Largo Public Library, and the next meeting is 24 August.

Whether you are an experienced writer or a newbie, this is a fun and exciting group to be a part of. The focus is on doing actual writing in the meetings as well as on your own at home. You don't have to have a major book in mind to find value in this session. Many attendees, myself included, focus simply on writing short pieces that capture their own family memories, or relate pieces of information they have found during their ancestral research.

If you've been thinking of doing some writing about your family, drop in on Tuesday evening to see how this group can support your efforts.

I Need Feedback on Quizes

Okay, I admit it. I've been on vacation and so there haven't been many posts to this blog lately. But now I'm back, and you should see regular entries once again.

I also have to admit that I "cheated" a bit over the summer while I was gone. I composed a series of quizzes and answers, and prepositioned them for posting through June and July. I'd like some feedback from you on if you enjoyed those entries. If you did, I will do that periodically as a matter of course. But I need to know from you. So if you read those over the summer and enjoyed them (or not), leave a comment to this post to let me know. I will proceed in the future based on the feedback I read.