Friday, March 5, 2010

Godfrey Scholar Discounnts for PGS Members

In an earlier post to this Blog (16 February), Alice Charest, PGS member and Godfrey Library representative, reported that we had enough participation in the program to qualify for a 20% discount on a normal 1-year Godfrey Scholar subscription.

In an even earlier post (2 February), the complete details of the deal were outlined. Refer to either of those entries for subscription information.

The purpose of this note is to tell those who have not subscribed but may want to in the future, that the 20% discount will be good for the remainder of this year. Simply contact Alice if you are interested. Send her an email note (please type “Godfrey interest” in the subject line of your note). Alice’s email address is: Of course, you can contact her at our monthly meetings as an alternative.

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