Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Gage County, Nebraska Selected Cemetery Listings Available Online

 Thanks to the city of Wymore, Nebraska Public Library, indexes for more than twenty southern Gage County cemeteries are available online. Copies of obituaries may be requested from the library.

Scroll down the landing and click on the link to the Southern Gage County Cemeteries (the link is in the left pane of the landing page).

Friday, March 26, 2021

PGS Events for the Week of 29 March to 3 April 2021

 All scheduled PGS classes are posted on the society calendar at  

You must pre-register for each of these events. This may be done at the time of the event or earlier. Do so by following the links given after each class description below. After registering, you will receive an email with another link to use to join the event at the specified date/time. 



Monday, 29-Mar-21 at 6:00 PM--Research Trip Planning. This session will lay out some steps to take to ensure that your trip to your ancestral home area is as successful as possible. Areas to be covered include: Scope of the trip, plan of attack, paving the way, supplies to take, recording and processing data. Bryan.

Register at


Wednesday, 31-Mar-21 at 6:00 PM--Census--Non-population schedules, Most of us are familiar with the population schedules of the US Census. But there is a wealth of information about our families in other schedules that were created in certain census years. This class identifies what those other schedules are (Agricultural, Mortality, DDD, etc.), what information can be found in them, and where they can be located today. Summers.

Register at


Thursday, 1-Apr-21 at 7:00 PM--DNA Basics III DNA.   By looking at DNA test results through the lens of one of the most popular testing companies, class participants will be able to apply what they have learned in Basics I and II to their understanding of their own test results at  This class reviews the tools and resources available through Ancestry DNA.  While Basics I & II are recommended, they are not required prior to taking this class. Manning/Luce.

Register in advance for this meeting:

Saturday, 3-Apr-21 at 10:00 AM--Family Tree Maker User Group. Questions & Answers and Demonstration of how to use the Family Tree Maker genealogical database software. Bryan.        

Register in advance for this meeting:

Suncoast Genealogy Society Presents Michael D. Lacopo at 24 April 2021 Mini-Seminar

 The following information was received from the Suncoast Genealogy Society:

Greetings Fellow Genealogy Enthusiast!

This is to inform you that SGS will be hosting Michael D. Lacopo, DVM for its Annual Spring Mini Seminar

Series on Saturday, April 24, 2021.  Dr. Lacopo will be presenting his Methodology & Social History: Advanced Research Practices featuring two sessions: 

Deconstructing Your Family Tree: Re-Evaluating the “Evidence”


Incorporating Social History into your Research

This presentation will be a live virtual event (via Zoom) complete with Q&A and loads of door prizes.   The cost of registration is $20 for SGS members and $25 for non-members.  Following this alert are copies of the full seminar flyer and mail-in registration form.

You may register by printing out and mailing the form with your check per the instructions -OR- online with a credit card by clicking:

All of this information may also be found on our website by clicking: Suncoast Genealogy Society

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Fairlawn Cemetery in Elk City, Oklahoma has burial listing online

 The Fairlawn Cemetery is located in Elk City, Oklahoma and the city has provided an online listing of burials. You can search by first and last name, or browse a list of everyone with the same first letter of their last name. You can also browse by cemetery section.

The search hit list shows first and last name, grave location (by section, block, lot, and space), and yeaars born and died. A map of the cemetery is also shown.

Friday, March 19, 2021

PGS Events for the Week of 22-27 March 2021

 Tuesday, 23-Mar-21 at 1:00 PM. DNA Interest Group--Learn how to interpret your DNA test results, and apply those results to your current family history research. Join our casual group as we research and learn together. Manning/Luce, Online Class – Webinar.

Register at

Wednesday, 24-Mar-21 at 6:00 PM. Census Before 1850--Analysis. Many researchers become frustrated with the difficulty in researching the US Census prior to 1850 because of only the heads of households being explicitly named. However, those early censuses contain more information than one might initially think. This class examines the characteristics of the pre-1850 census, the information available, and some strategies for analyzing those census years. Summers, Online Class – Webinar.

Register at

Saturday, 27-Mar-21 at 10:00 AM. RootsMagic User Group--Questions and answers and demonstrations of how to use the RootsMagic genealogy database software program. Summers, Online Class – Webinar.

Register at

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Milford, New Hampshire Newspapers Available Online

 Several newspapers local to Milford, NH are available online thanks to Milford's Wadleigh Memorial Library. You may browse the collection or search by key word and date of publication. 

Don't pass up the expansion arrow in the search boxes that will reveal additional search parameters.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Genealogical Forum of Oregon Celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a Free Virtual Open House

 MARCH 27 - APRIL 3 - GFO's Virtual Genealogy Open House

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a Free Virtual Genealogy Open House online this year.

Join us for 18 free classes from March 27 through April 3.

Classes include Freedmen's Bureau Records, Oregon Land Claims, Indentured Servants, U.S. Census Records, and more, including these theme days:

    Sunday, March 28: Irish Day

    Monday, March 29: Online Sources Day

    Tuesday, March 30: DNA Day

Each class requires its own advance registration.

Friday, March 12, 2021

PGS Events for the Week of 15-20 March 2021

 Monday, 15-Mar-21 at 6:00 PM. Library Catalog Searching for Genealogists –     Libraries are a great place for finding genealogy resources. This class will show you how to find libraries and archives that can help you in your search, how to get the most from catalog searches, and discover other helpful resources available through online catalogs. Fortin, Online Class – Webinar

Register at

Wednesday, 17-Mar-21 at 6:00 PM. Census Timelines--This class focuses on analyzing groups of similar questions asked in different census years, thus creating a time line of your ancestor’s responses; it also looks at the instructions given to census takers--if you understand the questions, you can better understand the answers. Summers, Online Class – Webinar

Register at:

Saturday, 20-Mar-21 at 11:00 AM. Program Meeting; Lecture Series: Two lectures with a short break in between.  “Colonial American Migration Routes and Modes of Travel” & “Following a Family Migration – New Jersey to Iowa the Long Way Around.”  Annette Burke Lyttle. Online Class - Webinar

Register in advance for this meeting:

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Twelve Sites to Use in Your Canadian Research

 Thanks to Candice McDonald writing in her Blog "Finding Your Canadian Story" for this article. She points us to 12 sites to use in pursuing Canadian research....sites that are free.

Check it out at: 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Southern California Genealogical Society Presents Two Online Virtual Conferences in June 2021

The SCGS Presents two virtual conferences in June. From 4-5 June it's Genetic Genealogy 2021 Conference "The Genes in Your FAmily." From 11-12 June it's Jamboree 2021 "The Stars in Your Family. You can get more information and registration guidance at the following website:

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Washington County, Maryland Free Library offers many local resources

 The link below takes you to the library's genealogy resources as the landing page. A quick scroll down the page gives you an appreciation for the breadth and depth of their holdings. They range from obits to newspapers, from marriage records to school records, from court records to land records, and more.

On top of that, the staff is available on request to do a basic search of local histories, family genealogies, cemetery  records, etc. Although the service is free, donations to the library are appreciated.

If you have Maryland ancestors, check it out.