Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Chance to Enjoy Florida Spring Weather

The final canvassing of Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 5233 118th Ave N., Clearwater, will be on Wed., 24 Mar at 10:00 AM. The bad weather/rain date is Friday, 26 March. If you are interested in helping, please contact Esther Meinhardt at

The Calvary Catholic project has had a number of leaders over the past years, and Esther and Bob have taken it on to finish off. Canvassing parts of the cemetery remained to be done before they could start production of the final book, however, and this effort should be the last big push at recording data.

There are a couple thousand head stones to be recorded and they can be done in one day with a little assistance. Contact Esther at the email address above to get information about where to meet on Wednesday. You don't have to commit the entire day to this. Even a donation of one hour of your time would be a help. Let's work together to get this one done.

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