Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays to All

I want to take a break from the usual content of this Blog and wish all our readers a Happy Holiday. I hope you can take this time to unite with family and share your many blessings.

I am always very emotional during the holidays. I believe a good part of the reason for that is the fact that I am a genealogist. Although everyone cherishes family at this time of year, I think that we genealogists do so with an intensity that is born of our research. We think of family as an unbroken line of people that stretches from us to the very distant past. Our research has made those who came before us a real as if we had met them personally. When we celebrate our living families at holiday time, we at the same time celebrate all those other absent family members.

This is a gift really...a sense of family enriches us. Since family is so paramount in our lives, how blessed we are that our avocation has opened to us a broadening of family that has made us all that much richer. I hope you are able to share this gift of ancestral family with your living one.
On behalf of your board of directors, I wish you all the joy of the holidays and the comfort that comes from family...present and past.

[And when you are with family, don't forget to pump them for genealogy information!]


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