Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dropbox -- A Very Useful Utility

At some of our genealogy classes and workshops, the subject of a utility called Dropbox has come up. I know several of you are using it, as am I, and find it great as a way to sychronize files between computers and as an online backup.

Dick Eastman, in his Online Newsletter, has written a couple or reviews of the product that might be worth your looking at if you are not already a Dropbox user. You can find his latest review at

I'm using Dick's review of Dropbox to introduce another piece of news. We are in the process of building a new class focusing entirely on genealogy computer utilities. This will involve an exploration and explanation of many programs, like Dropbox, that are available to make research and record keeping easier.

Keep checking the PGS class calendar on our website so you don't miss this. It should roll out sometime in the spring. The PGS website is at

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