Monday, December 6, 2010

RootsWeb Revamps Its SSDI Search

Have you taken a look at RootsWeb's SSDI Advanced Searches recently? ( With a recent revamp advanced searches may be performed on any or all fields in the database:

>Name (first, last, middle initial) using either exact spelling, Soundex or Metaphone. (See "Terms and Definitions" for an explanation of Soundex and Metaphone:
>Birth and Death.
>Last Residence and Last Benefit.
>Social Security Number (SSN)
>Issued by (state)
>Age at Death (field added in new code)

Search results listings have been updated to offer you choices in the display and they are now listed alternately in white and gray to make it easy to follow each entry across all columns. Entries in each field may be sorted in ascending or descending order using the up and down arrows next to each column. For example, if you want to sort the death column for all of the Robert E. SMITHs born in 1904 to show those who died more recently at the top of the results or at the end -- you can click the arrows to get the desired display order.

The above was extracted for an article previously published in RootsWeb Review: 13 October 2010, Vol. 13, No. 10

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