Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PGS Meetings and Programs Continue Through the Summer

In a previous post I mentioned to you the effect on some of our operations that the summer schedule would have: specifically on educational events and the Blog. One thing that is not affected, however, is the general meeting on the third Saturday of each month.

We will continue to have meetings with great programs. Here is the line-up:

19 Jun -- Brickwall Panel: Bring your brick wall issues and let a panel of experts, which also includes everyone in attendance, help with suggestions of untried avenues of research. Even if you don't have a brickwall to contend with, you will pick up great research ideas.

17 Jul -- Scrap Booking Your Genealogy: Esther Meinhardt will introduce us to her hobby of scrap booking. In a genealogical context, scrap booking is a way to make your research appealing to other family members as well as a way to preserve some of your treasures.

21 Aug -- St. Petersburg History: Jeff Klinkenberg will make interesting presentation on St. Petersburg History. Although you may not have roots in this area, hearing the history of one area often brings research insights and ideas to explore in other areas more relevant to our own families.

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