Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Use That Digital Camera to Capture Docments Before It's Too Late

Last Monday I attended Bob Bryan's class on using the digital camera in genealogy research. It was a great class giving very useful tips about getting decent pictures of documents in low light environments...such at as libraries and archives, and your living room.

I've had a digital camera for some time now, as most of you probably have, and I have used it in capturing not only simple photographs of family events, but also pictures of documents as well as even pictures of other pictures.

But Bob's class gave me the motivation I needed to undertake a rather large project I had been putting off. I came into possession of about 100 letters my father wrote to my mother during their courtship and during the early days of WWII when my father was in Europe. I have read them several times. I have summarized them. I have written short articles about the. And I have long thought that I should do something to preserve those letters digitally (in addition to storing them in a safe and archival environment).

Bob's class was the push I need to take action. I've got about half of them photographed now. I probably would be even further along in the task if I had not been diverted by reading each one yet again. But that was a pleasant diversion from the repetition of picture taking.

My guess is that some of you may have such a project looming over you. There is no sense in postponing it...all delay will accomplish is putting your treasures at greater risk of something happening to them. Bob's class will be coming around again if you need some inspiration or hints and tips about getting started and doing a decent job of it.

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