Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Genealogist's Bucket List

This is not necessarily a pleasant topic, but it is one that we must all face. The topic, of course, is our own demise and the things we want to get done before that happens. The "bucket list" became one of our idioms due to the recent movie of the same name. The "bucket list" is that list of things we want to accomplish before we "kick the bucket."

By now you can see the application of the concept to genealogy research. We all have bucket list items, but we don't necessarily think of them in those terms. When we say to ourselves things like "I should get my stuff organized" or "I should write all those memories down somewhere" or "I should take a class or two," we are talking bucket list talk.

Perhaps thinking in terms of a buck list, will give some urgency to actually accomplishing those "should" items.

The Morman Times has a good article by Michael De Groote on this subject that treats it in a bit more detail. You can read it at:

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