Saturday, September 11, 2010

Website For Genealogy Software Reviews

This is a website that I have mentioned before, but given the number of people new to genealogy that have been attending classes over the summer, it is worth mentioning again. Even I visit the site periodically is see what new software titles may have been added.

It varies of course, but a couple days ago the site boasted having 527 reviews. Now that's a lot of genealogy software!

The reviews are done by actual users of the software and are based on a 5-star system, with five bing the best.

The areas included in the review are:

>Enjoy Using it
>Use it often
>Easy input
>Useful output
>Overall rating

This can be a very informative site if you are trying to stay on top of new genealogy products, and it can be especially helpful if you are actually at the point where you are ready to buy some software. Check it out at:

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