Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mea Culpa

Sorry, Folks.

There was a class advertised in the library bulletin called "Internet Explorations" that was to take place today (Wednesday, 8 Sep) at the library. I somehow had the idea that the class was to be held on Friday, 10 Sep. The time was to be the same: 10 am. Consequently, I was not at the library for the class, nor could I respond to the call I got from the library because I was at a meeting in Tampa. Unfortunate circumstances all the way around.

But I plan to be at the library for that class on Friday at 10 am. The problem of course, is that I may be the only one who knows about it...and that's one of the reasons for this post.

This may be a meeting to put on your calendar. Internet Explorations is not so much a class as it is a sharing of cool/productive/interesting websites relating to genealogy that I and the people who attend have run across in the past. Previous sessions have proven to be both fun and helpful as we explore new sites, refresh our Google skills, and share our explorations.

Check it out on Friday, 10 Sep., at 10 am in the Local History Room of the Library.

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