Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family History Writer’s Group Meets 28 September

Just a quick reminder that the group meets again in the Largo Public Library at 6 pm on 28 September.

The discussion topic this month will be the dreaded one of grammar....BUT it will not be long, and it will not be painful. Instead it will be stimulating as we look at some fun ways to improve grammatically. We are not going to get smart about grammar so much as talk about some ways to get smart...does that make sense...grammatically?

I'd like to try a different approach concerning our "homework." I'd like the group to help its members with any current projects being worked on. So if you are writing a book or a memoir or a story about an ancestor or anything related to genealogy, bring a couple paragraphs of your project to share with us. If you don't have a current project, pick a topic and write a couple paragraphs to share.

Regardless, expect an appreciative audience and some constructive criticism.

If you have not attended this workshop but are interested in doing some family history writing, drop by and check it out. But be aware, this is not a class. This is a workshop, so be ready to do some writing.

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