Sunday, February 21, 2010

Godfrey Scholar Sign-Up a Success

The PGS had enough members at the monthly meeting yesterday who were interested in the Godfrey Scholar program that we got enough subscriptions for a 20% discount off the listed annual price. Here is the text of an email from Alice Charest (who is organizing this effort) for those members who may want to participate:

We have enough people signing up to give the $9.00 discount (20% of the $45 red).

The price is:
Red 1 yr. = $36 2 yr. = $72
Blue 1 yr. $71 2 yr. - $144
Green 1 yr = $86 2 yr. $172
Gold 1 yr. = 116 2 yr $ 232

Those who gave me a credit card number are all set. Those who gave a check without price, please note the price above to put in your checkbook. Those who haven't paid can pay me at the Gen. Dept on Wed. morning. I will sent all of the applications and money to Godfrey Memorial Library and they will send you a subscription number for you to use to access the database.

Thank you all for your interest
Alice R. Charest

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