Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Godfrey Scholar Discouts for PGS Members

We want to let you know about a new benefit of membership in the PGS. Our members can realize a discount on the subscription fees for access to the Godfrey Memorial Library databases online known as the Godfrey Scholar Program.

The normal annual subscription rates are:
>Red Subscription ($45): Includes Premium Databases (Ex: 19th Century U.S. Newspapers, Early American Newspapers, Accessible Archives 19th Century Newspapers, London Times Digital Archives, American National Biography, OCLC World Cat). Plus unique resources comprised of Godfrey's own digitized in-house content, donated genealogical books, research materials and projects (Most cannot be found anywhere else on the web). Plus the Godfrey Collection (4,000 genealogies, biographies, memoirs and funeral sermons). Plus Godfrey Search (A search engine for a variety of indexed published materials).
>Blue Subscription ($80): Includes all the Basic Content plus NewspaperArchive.com.
>Green Subscription ($95): Includes all the Basic Content plus World Vital Records U.S. Collection.
>Gold Subscription ($125): Includes all the Basic Content plus NewspaperArchive.com and World Vital Records U.S. Collection.

If the PGS has from 10-19 subscribers, you get a reduction of $4.50 off the list prices, and if we have 20 or more, the reduction is $9.

At the annual meeting on 20 February, Alice Charest, PGS member and Godfrey representative, will give a short explanation of the Godfrey resources, answer questions, and sign up those who wish to accept this offer, assuming that the above minimum number of subscribers has been met.

If you are interested and will be attending the meeting, there will be an opportunity to contact Alice there.

If you are interested and will not be attending the meeting, let Alice know with an email note (please type “Godfrey interest” in the subject line of your note). Alice’s email address is: archarest@aol.com.

Send Alice a note only if you are truly interested. Once we see how many want to subscribe we can determine the size of the discount and you will be contacted with information on how to proceed.

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