Thursday, February 4, 2010

"American Genealogist" Bibliographies of Published American Genealogies

Here is a hidden treasure I recently came across on the Internet. It is the full text version of a 1900 publication by the American Genealogist. It is a bibliography of family histories published in America from 1771 to "present" (presumably 1900).

The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname so it is easy to find if a surname of interest to you is included. Each entry provides publication information to include number of pages as well as other interesting information that varies by the particular item being described.

The full title of the work is A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY OR A LIST OF THE TITLE PAGES OF BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS ON FAMILY HISTORY, PUBLISHED IN AMERICA, FROM 1771 TO DATE. This is the fifth edition (earlier ones having been published in 1862, 1868, 1875, and 1897.)

The online text includes an introduction that explains the content. Check it out at

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