Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Prizes at PGS Seminar on 13 February

I have told you about the upcoming Annual PGS Genealogy Seminar before and highlighted our speaker, Dick Eastman, author of arguably the most widely read online genealogy newsletter. I have given you detailed information about the four breakout sessions from which you can choose. And we have gone on at length about the book sale and the continental breakfast.

One thing that I have mentioned, but without much detail, is the fact that there will be prizes given out during the seminar: door prizes and raffles.

We are collecting a sizable number of prizes, but I would like to make three of the aware to you. We will have offering two world deluxe annual memberships to and a copy of Family Tree Maker 2010 either as raffles or door prizes! Those three items alone have a value of about $650.

There are many reasons to attend the seminar: the speakers, the books, the food, the networking with other genealogists....but don't forget the prizes.

You can get a seminar registration form from the Genealogy Center at the Largo Public Library or at the PGS website (

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