Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Renew Your Membership

There are still a number of members who have not renewed their membership for 2010! I know this is simply a function of the press of the holidays, entertaining visitors escaping the snow, etc. But your continued participation is important to us.

Dues are only $17 a year. They have remained that low because of the size of our membership, so your continued support is vitally important to all of the other members.

And look at all you get for that paltry sum: classes, speakers, field trips, newsletter, website, Blog, huge selection of research material, research assistance (1-on-1 if you desire), journal, seminar, classes on CD-ROM, cemetery and funeral home publications, networking opportunities, etc.

In addition, you can save money as a member: you get a reduction in price for the seminar and CD-ROM classes. And the journal (a professional class journal, I might add) is available to members for free. Think of it this way...if you attend the seminar and buy one CD-ROM class, you just about pay for your membership.

So please renew. Bring $17 to the next meeting or send it to Pinellas Genealogy Society, 120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771.

If you have paid your dues, remind your friends to pay theirs...they have been as busy over the holidays as you have been, and may need a friendly reminder.

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