Thursday, January 28, 2010

Royal Palms South Cemetery Book Now Available

This month saw the publication of the Royal Palms South Cemetery Book by the Pinellas Genealogy Society.

Royal Palm Cemetery was started by Reginald H. Summer on 80 acres originally owned by George S. Gandy, Sr. (who is buried at the cemetery with his wife). The cemetery is located on First Avenue South in St. Petersburg, FL and was established in 1921. The grounds consist of 55 acres interring over 20,000. The names are listed alphabetically as canvassed in March 2001. Any interments after that date are not accounted for in this work.

The spiral bound book contains 444 pages providing nine pages of colored pictures of various tombstones, including a colored cover and four pages of obituaries. Sections for Russian, Jewish and Dutch graves have been translated for convenience. Included in the book are plot maps showing grave locations, plus aerial and street maps.

The efforts of many society volunteers over the past few years is what made this publication possible, and our thanks goes out to them. It is through their efforts and the efforts of other volunteers working similar projects that we are making Pinellas County genealogy data available to researchers throughout the world. The index to the book is published on our website, and the books are available on request at a modest price.

Copies of this book, as well as all most of our 25 others can be found in the Family History Center at Salt Lake City, the Allen County Library, the Mid-Continental Library, and the Library of Congress. Copies are also routinely purchased by other libraries around the country, not to mention interested individuals. In the near future, a copy of the book will be added to our collection in the Largo Public Library.

Here are the volunteers who helped make this publication possible (given the time span of this project, it is possible that some have been overlooked, and our appologies go out to them:
Trish Burch, Lesleigh Butts, Ann Catlin, Charles & Pat Grandmason, Kerry and Joann McElhaney, Rae Rose, Beth Shields, Alice Groman, H. Stanley Shali, Kyle Cannon and Boy Schout Troop 84, Peter Luginbuehl, Bob McManaway Jean Boyer, Barbara Knibbs, Earl Brigance, Todd Williams, Cesar Tolentino, Bruce & Phyllis Belnap, Jeffrey Cluff, Nancy Keizer, Pat Johnson,Don Conrad, Bob Smith, Diana & Larry Dean, Margie & Gene Fallon, Kari Cannon, Jordan Cannon, Boyd & Cheryl Belnap, Jeffrey Cluff, Kevin Cluff, Diane Griffin,Phil & Virginia Huchton, Gladys Evan, Peter Summers, Pat LeConte, and David Dellinger.

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