Saturday, January 16, 2021

PGS Events for the WWeek of 18-23 January 2021

 Monday, 18-Jan-21at 6:00 PM. RootsMagic-3. Third in the series. Online class—webinar, Summers

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Tuesday, 19-Jan-21 at 6:00 PM. Family Tree Maker 2019 Basics--Part 3. Third in the series          Online class—webinar, Hahn

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Saturday, 23-Jan-21 at 10:00 AM. RootsMagic User Group--Questions and answers and demonstrations of how to use the RootsMagic genealogy database software program. Online class—webinar, Summers.

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An important upcoming event


The Pinellas Genealogy Society will present our annual all-day seminar in an online format on 20 February 2021. Thomas MacEntee will be the featured speaker. See the PGS website at for details and opportunities to register. Be sure to register soon as attendance is limited.


We apologize for some incorrect information published in last week's issue of the local weekly newspaper which indicated that this was free and open to the public. It is indeed open to the public but is not free. The recent issue corrected this error. This is the only event we have for which there is a fee.

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