Monday, November 15, 2010

Online Classes at

I have talked about the online classes available from the website before, but this is such a valuable resource that I feel justified in mentioning it again.

This LDS sponsored website is long on education, but most visitors don't get much past the typical search for names and vital statistics. That is a shame because the research guides and online classes are so extensive and so helpful.

At this point there are more than 80 online classes available, and they are free. They cover a multitude of topics including European research by country, Civil War research, beginning genealogy, and state censuses just to name a few. Of particular interest may be the series of thirty classes on reading and interpreting non-English records.

You can get to the list of classes by clicking on "Free Online Classes" on the home page, or by clicking directly on this link:

By the way, the PGS is offering a class on getting the most out of the website. It will be at the Largo Public Library at 10 am on 30 November.

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