Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mending a Document Tear

This was recently published in the GenealogyGems Digest, Vol 70, Issue 1:

Preservation Tip of the Month--Mending a Paper Tear by Becky Schipper
To correctly mend a torn page or document you will need a bone folder {A bone folder or bone folder is a dull edged device used to crease material in crafts such as bookbinding, card making and any other craft where a sharp crease is needed} and Filmoplast P paper mending tape, which is acid free. For non-archival paper you may use Scotch Magic Removable Tape #811.

Carefully matching words and or lines and pictures, use a narrow piece of mending tape to cover the tear. It is always best to mend on the back side if you can accomplish a good match. Apply the tape from the inner or spine side of the page and rub towards the outer edge. Use no more tape than necessary; but if the tear is overly long or very jagged you may need to tape on both the front and back. Burnish the tape with the bone folder to make it almost invisible.

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