Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PGS Classes the the Aging Well Center

At a Pinellas Genealogy Society meeting a few months ago I introduced a new project we were undertaking. The Aging Well Center in Clearwater at the new Long Center had asked us to present several classes as part of its education program. We agreed to do this, and were putting the pieces into place when I made that announcement. Over the summer the classes kicked off.

So far we have conducted two classes with two more scheduled. In all probability we will be conducting more classes into the fall and winter. This is a great opportunity for both the Center and the PGS. There is also an opportunity here for our PGS members. Anyone can go to the classes at the aging well center. The classes are free, but you should call to register. The registration is requested so that the center can ensure it provides enough seating for attendees, but if your decision to attend is a last-minute one, you can register at the door.

If there is a class that you may have missed at the Largo public library, it may well be on the schedule for presentation at the Aging Well Center. If you live in the north part of the county, the Center may be more conveniently located for you then is the Largo public library. At any rate, the classes at the Center provide an additional venue for PGS classes and a wonderful opportunity for the PGS to become known to the public.

The class on 28 August at 10 am is about strategies to us to track your ancestors through the census.

The Aging Well Center is located at the Long Center in Clearwater at 1501 N. Belcher Road. To get information on classes offered, call (727)724-3070 or visit

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