Sunday, August 22, 2010

Genealogy Center Reorganization Underway

Those of you been at the Largo public library lately have seen that the reorganization of the genealogy center that I talked about a couple months ago is well underway.

>Old cabinets have been moved and remaining cabinets have been consolidated. This has created room for new shelving thus allowing us to spread the collection out to provide needed room for books. We had several linear feet of new books that we could just not put on the shelves because of lack of room. We now have that room.

>The computers had been reconfigured so that the screens are more easily seen by the volunteer on duty. This make it easier for that person to see if somebody is in need of assistance.

>The walled office area has been removed (also making room for those new shelves), and the volunteer desk area is being made into a complete square with room to assist patrons as well as to do administrative work in supportive of the collection.

>Some of the new shelves that had been put up are specifically designed to hold magazines. This allows us to display journals in an appropriate manner... something we haven't been able to do for almost a year.

Those are just some of the major changes that you will notice when you next come to the genealogy center. There is still work being done, so expect a bit of mess in some areas, but that should go away in the (near) future.

Periodically, we are conducting tours of the center, so if you have not been to the center lately and would like to quickly become reoriented, join a tour. The tours will be listed in the class schedule. If there is no tour and you happen to be at the center and would like one, just ask the person at the desk. If I'm around, flag me down and I'll be happy to show the place off.

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