Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Public Records

This website may give you some records you have been searching for. You can search by state, county or city and see what records are available...and some of them may even be online.

The archives may not go back to the 1800's in many cases, but record availability is at the mercy of each archive so you never can tell. You can get a view of some very recent public records also if you desire. It is really a may not find anything of value or you may find a gem....but you will probably have a bit of fun during your search.

On some of the pages you will find an enticing box asking you for an individual's name to search on. Read the box carefully--it may say "advertisement." Some group is asking you for money for the search they will perform. You can't get into trouble with this. If you see a cost associated with a search, just back out of the screen and make a note no to get lured in again. But you may need that sort of help, and if you do, it is there. Generally, searches will net you one of three things:
1. Free public records databases or lists
2. Contact information for public records holders
3. Paid access to public records

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