Monday, August 31, 2009

Cemetery Books Reshelved at the Largo Public Library

There has been an aspect of book organization in the Genealogy Department of the Largo Public Library that for some time has made researching cemetery data more confusing than it needed to be. There were two places you could go to find cemetery books: in the individual state sections where the books were cataloged according to the county in which the cemetery was located, and in the 929.5 section, which is at the very back of the stacks in the genealogy department.

Most researchers looking for printed material spend their time in the portion of the stacks that contain books for their area/state of interest, so it made sense that the cemetery books should be shelved by state and county. This summer that change was made: the books were re-numbered and appropriately shelved, thus bringing together in one logical organizational scheme all of our cemetery books.

So if you had not discovered the cemetery books in the 929.5 section, you should browse your state areas of interest again. You may discover a great resource you previously overlooked.

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