Tuesday, April 6, 2021

"WieWasWie" Website Offers an entry to Netherlands vital, military, and criminal records

 Basic searches and results are free at this website of Netherlands vital records information, and there us a subscription option also.

The following information comes directly from the WieWasWie website:

"CBG|Center for family historie in The Hague is the owner of WieWasWie.nl. CBG is the national center for knowledge, documentation and publicity for genealogy and heraldry.

"Purpose of the website 
WieWasWie wants to open genealogy and historical family research for any person. For this matter WieWasWie offers one website for finding reliable sources for historical research and support for your quest. The power of WieWasWie is the giant availability of historical documents.

"Target audience
Besides the many experienced genealogists, already working many years on family tree research, a lot of people have only just started. Research shows that many people are interested in family history and family tree research, but haven't started yet. For instance because they don't know where to start or which sources to use. WieWasWie aims on these interested and starting researchers, but also the experienced genealogists are more than welcome to use the website.

WieWasWie was originated from two former Dutch databases for family research. These websites offered just like WieWasWie nowadays collections from individual archiving institutions. Because of the large number of enthousiastic users, these websites were overloaded many times. Also these institutions wanted a central platform for offering many more collections. From that wish WieWasWie was born.

"By whom?
WieWasWie is the result of the common effort of a large number of archiving institutions. Read more about these participating organisations behind WieWasWie."

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