Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Find and Translate Newspapers Worlwide

This is a fun and productive site to play around allot some serious time to do so.

The landing page gives you a map of the world with push pins denoting the publication place of newspapers world wide. It is a rather busy display, so use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in to give better visibility to individual pins.

Click on a pin to open a box that allows you to translate to any of a multitude of languages. To go to the newspaper, click on the title of the publication at the top of the box. This will take you to a modern, online version of the paper. Depending on the site, you can search for topics or browse recent editions.

To get to historical newspapers, click on the "hist" tab at the top of the landing page (the page with the map and push pins). Now when you click on an individual pin, you will see and image of the paper and publication information. click on the image and you will be taken to the Library of Congress, Chronicling America site where you can navigate to the issue  you are interested in.

Have fun.
Newspaper Map:

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