Friday, July 28, 2017

Names of 8000 American Revolutionary War Prisoners Aboard the Old Jersey Prison ship

The Jersey was one of several ships used as prison and hospital ships during the Revolutionary War. This site lists those used in Wallabout Bay. After April 1780, the Jersey was the receiving ship where names were entered into records.

As states on the website: "This list of names was copied from the papers of the British War Department. There is nothing to indicate what became of any of these prisoners, whether they died, escaped, or were exchanged. The list seems to have been carelessly kept, and is full of obvious mistakes in spelling the names. Yet it shall be given just as it is, except that the names are arranged differently, for easier reference. This list of prisoners is the only one that could be found in the British War Department. What became of the lists of prisoners on the many other prison ships, and prisons, used by the English in America, we do not know."

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American Prisoners of the Revolution Names of 8000 Men Aboard the Old Jersey Prison ship:

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