Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dutchess County, New York Ancient Documents Online

The Dutchess County government has provided online access to 12,000 pages of eighteenth century legal documents. This introduction comes from its website:

"This enhanced County Clerk system allows customers to search and view digital images of 12,000 pages of eighteenth-century legal documents. Drawn from the Dutchess County Ancient Documents Collection, these records comprise the oldest surviving manuscripts from the Dutchess County Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions, which began operation in 1721. These documents detail daily life in Dutchess County as seen through both civil and criminal cases that came before the judges and justices of the peace."

Click on the "Continue" button when you get to the landing page to see the search form.

If the hotlink below does not work, simply copy it into the address field of your browser.

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