Friday, May 8, 2015

New England Seamen's Identification Cards at

This reference is not for everyone, but it was so interesting, I decided to mention it.

It is a collection of ID cards of seamen associated (either by entering or leaving) various ports in New England…Boston, New Haven, and Providence to name but three.

The collection consists of some 104,000 images, but they are not yet indexed so you will have to negotiate the microfilm images. They are arranged by county name, then by town, and then by year of the record.

The interesting part is the information the records contain. Among the data fields are: citizenship, father’s name and place of birth, naturalization, ship of service, and (here’s the best part) a photograph.

To find the database any time, go to the card catalog and search on the title “New England Seamen.” To check it out now, use the following link.

United States, New England Seamen's Identification Cards, 1918-1940 —

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