Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Million Short: A Different Kind of Search Engine

GenealogyInTime Magazine recently offered an article with the title show above. It was about a search engine that may be uniquely helpful to genealogists.

The Million Short search engine gets its name from the fact that you can opt to have it ignore the top million hits it gets, and just show you the rest. It seems strange to think that less is more, but the logic is that much of the data we seek are in “small” and “not-so-popular” sites whose returns get buried by the “large” and “very-popular” site returns. By ignoring the top million, the engine exposes those other gems that get overlooked.

You can read the article and find a link to the engine at the link below.

And when you get to article, take some time and look at the left panel of the screen. There you will find the Genealogy In Time’s own genealogy search engine and their family tree search engine.

Enjoy:  Million Short: A Different Kind of Search Engine

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