Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Future of Your Genealogy Stuff Could Be Bleak

James Tanner writing in his blog, Genealogy’s Star, gives us an insight as to what can happen to our genealogy material when we die. Be warned…this view can be unsettling.

In his discussion, we also learn a bit about probate (in case you have not reached that point in your own research).

James’ solution to the dilemma is a good one, and it is certainly logical given the discussion that precedes it. I would add that you might also consider specifically designating a genealogy society as its recipient. Of course, this will only be effective with much coordination and discussion with the society first. Be sure the society is willing to take it, and that they are equipped to productively deal with it.

This is a good article that should provoke serious thought. Check it out at: 

Genealogy's Star: What will (really) happen to your genealogy files when you die?

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