Friday, May 15, 2009

Genealogy Web Directory: Sirius

A new offering in the area of web directories for genealogists has made itself known. It is found at a site called Sirius Genealogy 2.0.

Here is what the designers of the site have to say about themselves: "Welcome to Sirius Genealogy 2.0, an online community for professional and amateur genealogists who want to learn more about using technology in the genealogy effort. We are NOT a site where you can build your family tree, nor are we a site to perform in depth research on your family, although we do have a few tools that we are sure you will want to use. What we are, is a place to learn, collaborate and teach fellow enthusiasts all about using technology in your genealogical quest."

Dick Eastman characterizes Sirius' directory as a place to "help the amateur and professional genealogist perform research, find education / training programs, evaluate software options, find hardware, evaluate an assortment of service based offerings, and participate in the genealogy community."

You can browse the directory in a variety of ways: category or location. It is well worth your time to do some exploring of what the site has to offer.

You can get to the directory by going to the Sirius home page at and then clicking on "Directory" from the menu bar across the top.

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