Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Genealogy Society Closes It's Doors

The closing of the Sangamon County Genealogical Society in Illinois was reported just recently in Dick Eastman's online newsletter. He said:

"After 40 years in existence, the Sangamon County Genealogical Society is shutting down next month. Declining membership and dues revenue, as well as the abundance of genealogical information available on the Internet, all contributed to the group’s demise, its leaders said this week."

Althought the Sangamon society's situation is different from ours, it typifies the challenge that faces all genealogy societies today. That is why we work so hard to keep our members interested and is why we focus so greatly on programs, classes, and education in general. And it is why we at the PGS are so pleased that our membership remains enthusiastic and growing.

This unfortunate news from Sangamon underscores the essential value of membership. Thanks to all of you who support your genealogy society through volunteering to work on projects, signing up as consultants, serving on the board, coming to hear our speakers, attending classes, and (most fundamentally) for contributing your membership.

Is this a good time to ask?......have you renewed your membership for 2009 yet?

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