Monday, November 17, 2008

Discussion Leader Wanted

This is something to consider. There is a genealogy discussion group which meets the second Saturday of every month at the West St. Petersburg Community Library on the Gibbs Campus of the St. Petersburg College (that's at the corner of 67th Street North and 8th Avenue. It generally sees attendance of from 6 to 12 people. Charlie Grandmaison, one of our members, is supporting that group, but the "formal" leader has been Susan Hickok. Unfortunately, an accident resutled in Susan's death recently, and so the group now needs a leader/coordinator. The group was established to serve the genealogical interests of those who live a bit south of us, but it also encourages membership in the PGS. The PGS directly supports the group by attending some of the meetings and also by making presentations and extolling the virutes of PGS membership. That support, although appreciated, is not sufficient to keep the group going, however.

So....if you live down in that area and would like to help lead that discussion group, let me know. Call me at 727-535-3093 or send an email to

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