Thursday, June 2, 2022

Genealogical Society of Broward County Features Greg Liverman at 12 June 2022 Meeting

 Sunday, June 12

Breaking Through Brick Walls with Reason and Logic!  (All)
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Eastern Time (US and Canada)
   Breaking through the proverbial genealogical “brick wall” is hard. Logical evaluation of facts and evidence is required. The scientific method has been used for over a thousand years to advance human knowledge in an orderly way. It is regularly applied to all branches of learning, not just those we think of as “science”. This simple method can easily be applied to family history research to break through brick walls using logic and critical thinking. These techniques are particularly important where direct evidence is not available. 

   This seminar introduces the scientific method, describes how evidence can be evaluated critically and provides real examples to illustrate how the method can be applied to discover unknown relatives or evaluate whether other families are related to yours.

   Presented by Greg Liverman, Ph.D., Journalist, Scientist and Corporate Manager Greg has many years of experience researching family history using resources in several states and countries. Greg recently launched Pinewood Genealogy to help people with their genealogy research and genetic genealogy analysis.


Registration Required:

   Step 1: Click this link: gsbcfl/june122022/event/registration

   Step 2:  After registering you will receive a confirmation link to join the webinar.


Note members only benefit: The handout has been posted on our website. The video recording will be posted when available.


Zoom Technical Support: Email Sarah Divine or Jamie Segno 

At 1:30 PM there will be a GSBC General Meeting, where a prize drawing will be held for members only.
The presentation will begin at 2:00 pm followed by questions and answers.

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