Friday, June 4, 2021

PGS Events for the Week of 7-12 June 2021


All scheduled PGS classes are posted on the society calendar at  

You must pre-register for each of these events. This may be done at the time of the event or earlier. Do so by following the links given after each class description below. After registering, you will receive an email with another link to use to join the event at the specified date/time.  

Monday, 07-Jun-21 at 1:00 PM. Dead Men do tell Tales--Reconstructing life in a community using death certificates. Death certificates can tell us a lot about how our ancestors lived and died. When looked at as a group they can also tell us about life and death in their communities. This presentation focuses on an analysis of death certificates from Attleboro, Massachusetts over a five-year period, and shows how they can provide us with a window into the lives of the people who lived there, Fortin

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Wednesday, 09-Jun-21 at 6:00 PM. Homestead Act-History and Records--A review of the historical and political significance of the 1862 Homestead Act and associated legislation. Includes a discussion of the process followed to establish a homestead on public domain land, and an understanding of the method of legally surveying and describing the land. The presentation will also cover an examination of the records that were created in establishing a homestead, their genealogical value, and where those records are found today. This is an in-depth treatment of the Homestead Act, which is briefly referred to in the presentation on property Research Basics in the US, Summers

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Saturday, 12-Jun-21 at 1:00 PM. Advanced Genetic Genealogy--This discussion group reviews one chapter a month from the book Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies, Debbie Parker Wayne, Editor.  While all are welcome, this is an attendee led discussion with a moderator.  Attendees are expected to have read the chapter and be prepared to discuss its contents.  (Chapter 1 was discussed in May 2020, Chapter 2 in June, and so on.). Luce/Manning

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