Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Congregational Church Records from the Colonial Era Online

Thanks goes to the Congregational Library and the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale as well as many local churches across New England for this rescued collection of early Colonial Era church records.

The records must be browsed rather than searched, but each record book is dated which makes browsing more focused.

The landing page presents you with an interactive map where you can zoom in, identify your area of interest, and click on an icon representing local church records, individual records, or organizational records. Each record book also has a finding aid to explain what the record contains, how it is organized, etc.

When you finally got to the point where you are looking at a digitized original record, you may find that it has be transcribed for you, but that is not true in all cases.

This collection is a challenge to use, but can yield rewards for your efforts beyond your expectations.

Read the introductory information below the map on the landing page to get started.

Check it out at:

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