Sunday, April 12, 2020

"Genealogy for Kids" series by Lori Coffey

Here are links to a brand new series from Lori Coffey, one of our instructors, called "Genealogy for Kid.s" It is meant to be an introduction to genealogy as well as give kids something fun, interesting, and creative to do while in "Safer at Home" mode.

If you know kids that are looking for something to do, watch this video with them. They will be introduced to the wonderful world of genealogy so they can create their family tree! This episode explains to them how and why to interview relatives.

Episode 2 of Genealogy for Kids! This explains how to fill out the two most common forms to keep your family tree organized. Home schooling? Genealogy is a great way to practice many important life skills such as researching, documenting, writing, detecting, evaluating, and more! Plus you get the benefit of getting to know history on a personal level as you "meet" your ancestors who lived it!

Episode 3 in the Genealogy for Kids training covers finding official and non-official documents that give us information about our ancestors. This is great training for people from 10 to 100! You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this course, just new to the world of genealogy with an interest to learn about your family!

In this fourth and final episode of Genealogy for Kids, we walk you through Franklin's paper trail and learn to deduce information from the clues on the page! You can use this knowledge for the rest of your life! This is great training for smart, curious kids who are looking for something fun and interesting to do while at home on the computer!

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