Friday, August 9, 2019

PGS Events for the Week of 12-17 August 2019

Monday, 12-Aug-19 at 10:00 AM.Civil War Ancestors: Presents a strategy for tracing your Civil War Ancestors. Examines both state and national records, and both print and digital formats. The emphasis in the digital world is websites that are free and accessible from home. Instructor: Summers. Local History Room, Largo Library.
Saturday, 17-Aug-19 at 10:00 AM--Computers in Genealogy:Question and answer session on the use of computers in genealogy research and record keeping. Instructor: Bryan, Jenkins B, Largo Library.
Saturday, 17-Aug-19 at 11:00 AM--Program Meeting: Not in the Census? Try Again--Not everyone recorded in a census is easy to find on first inspection. In this session, attendees will learn tips and techniques to locate those ancestors who require additional effort. The session will cover a quick bit of U.S., UK, and Canadian census history; the idea that some individuals were counted two or more times in the same census, or sometimes entirely missed; and the pitfalls of enumeration, transcription, and indexing, Attendees will learn some clever searching techniques beyond the obvious methods; how to find individuals who are not where they are expected to be; and how to use browsing instead of searching for the tough situations. Speaker: Drew Smith, Jenkins B, Largo Library.
Saturday, 17-Aug-19 at 12:30 PM--Workshop tour of the Genealogy Center showing the many genealogical research resources there. Instructor: Summers., Genealogy Center, Largo Library.

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