Friday, May 10, 2019

PGS Events for the Week of 13-18 May 2019

Tuesday, 14-May-19 at 10:00 AM--Ancestry Family Trees – Part 1. Publishing your tree on can be a great way to share your research with others, as well as to provide a backup for your work. This presentation covers how to start a family tree on, and how to maintain it. That includes working with people, events, images, and sources.  Instructor: Summers, Local History Room, Largo Library.
Thursday, 16-May-19 at 1:00 PM--Irish Genealogy Interest Group. Topics vary monthly. Customs and culture, review of online resources, strategies for breaking down walls. Members are given an opportunity to share their ancestor discoveries, their travels to Ireland, and topics of interest. Jenkins C, Largo Library.
Saturday, 18-May-19 at 10:00 AM--Computers in Genealogy: Question and Answer session on the use of computers in genealogy research and record keeping. Jenkins B, Largo Library.
Saturday, 18-May-19 at 11:00 AM--Program Meeting: Hiking the Pilgrim Paper Trail-Tips for Documenting your Early Arrival Ancestors for Lineage Society Use. Join Pilgrim speaker Lori Coffey as she outlines how to prepare for membership in a hereditary group like the Mayflower Society. This fun and interactive presentation will provide ideas on how to document your early arrival ancestors. Jenkins B, Largo Library.

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