Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Using Land Patents to Stimulate Teen Interest in Genealogy

Diana Elder writing on her Webpage Family Locket, gives us an article that does double duty: it gives us a strategy to interest teens in genealogy research, and it explains how to use the Bureau of Land Management website to track down land patents which may have been issued to our ancestors.

A land patent is the legal paper that transfers land ownership from the government to a private individual, and the BLM has millions of them digitized and searchable on their website. And, by the way, PGS has subscribed to a site called that gives us a clever user interface to find patented plots of land and then connect directly with the BLM site.

Either way, land research is not only essential if you have landowners in your line, but also, with the resources mentioned above, fun.

If you need more understanding of property research, patents, deeds, and such, watch for our class on US Basic Property Research to come up on our class list.

Check out Diana's article at:
Hooking Teens on Research with Land Patents – Family Locket:

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