Monday, November 13, 2017

Information Online About Loyalists and British Soldiers, 1772-1784

This database from the Library and Archives Canada, contains information from the Carleton Papers.

According to the website: "The series includes a variety of documents about loyalist soldiers and civilian refugees (both white and black people) but also about people who were on Manhattan Island or the adjacent mainland dominated by the British during the American Revolution, as well as many British and German soldiers who settled in Canada later and also some rebels. "

You can search by keyword, name, rank, or regiment. In the hit list, click on the "Item Number" next to the name of interest to be taken to a more complete record.

Links at the left of the landing page will take you to more information about the records and how to use what you find.

Search: Carleton Papers – Loyalists and British Soldiers, 1772-1784 - Library and Archives Canada:

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