Friday, March 11, 2016

Changes Coming Up at the Library

The Largo Library, as well as other libraries in the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative, announce the change to a new online catalog and checkout system. The change will take place from March 21-24, 2016.
Of importance to genealogy patrons, the library databases that require you to enter your library card number to log-in will not be available (that means things like,,, etc) during this period. You can, however, still use the library computers to search the Internet to visit sites outside of the library system, and this may be a good time to dig into the print resources available in the Genealogy Center.
Things should be back up and running by 25 March, but as with any major technical conversion, there may be speed bumps dealing with individual database connections. Please be patient as the library moves to this new system.
For more information about the change-over, see

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