Sunday, November 15, 2015

Genealogy Gophers Searches Online Genealogy Books

Genealogy Gophers allows you to search online genealogy books by name, date range, place, relatives' name, or by specific publication. It focuses on the books available at the site, but adds value as it does so. Search results at Genealogy Gophers show your hits in context; that is, your search term is show in a snippet of the actual text. This allows you to make an initial judgment as to whether or not the text found actually applies to your ancestor or not. If it does, clicking on the link will take you to the full text.

This is a work in process. Not all of the books in the collection are represented here, but according to the site authors, they are working on it. Take a moment to follow the link "About GenGophers) found at the top of the landing page to get a more complete idea of the site's goals and offerings.

It is worth checking out at:  Genealogy Gophers:

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